Such a Coy Wolf

According to a National Geographic documentary I watched, the term coywolf is being used as a casual name for the Eastern Coyote which has been scientifically proven to be a hybrid between a coyote and a wolf. They are larger than coyotes and smaller than wolves. Unlike coyotes, they can take down large prey such as deer. 

I set up my Bushnell camera with its motion sensor after I saw three stunningly gorgeous coywolves on the other side of our pond from where I was stationed late one afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Two of them appeared to be larger than a German Shepherd. In the photo above and in other photos I have, it looks like the camera caught the smaller one of the group with the motion sensor on several evenings over the course of the week after I saw the group of coywolves. It’s still large enough to be a powerful animal. I’ll keep my distance. 

There will hopefully be future posts about these beautiful creatures that have decided to live on our farm. Stay tuned. 


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