Gravity (or Tree)


We cannot escape the pull of the gravity without great effort. We are pulled and pushed by forces of nature, forces we do not understand fully. We must try to maintain our balance at all times. For now, I hold on, not sure which direction is the right one.


These are the eternities


at the moment my foot became submerged in the Aegean
my invisible friend knew he had fallen down an endless well of emotion
and we both gasped a breath full of dust, memories, and forgotten things

the same moment Joan of Arc felt the first flame flicker on her flesh
the exact second I fell in love with you
an eagle’s egg hatched

a thousand-year bloom burst open
an unnamed creature pulled itself from the ocean
the Russian winter of 1812

at approximately 4:30 AM, February 11, 1963, the poet placed her head in the oven
the first narwhal was sighted
the first word was spoken in anger

the first thought was written in despair
the fig blossom became fruit
you touched me

a divine wind stopped a Mongol horde
a man turned out his lights and went to sleep
it was yesterday

it was 6,420 C.E.
it was today
we were together

we were singing
we were screaming
the storm calmed

someone lied to you
fingers strummed strings
music reached their ears

an old woman was comforted
my voice cracked

I kissed you

I kissed you


ring 3 wm

This pond vibrates a gentle hum
while I approach, brimming with water.

Frogs grumble in agreement
yeeaaahhh—they croak—yeeaaahhh
while the sinking sun slips silently;

a wary deer riffs a dressage
through still-dry grass crackling
crunching last autumn’s detritus,

unsure of me—if I’m there or where
aware of herself and sure I am near.

She stomps a cautious passepied
punctuated by huffs and snorts,
in four-direction demonstration.

Frogs grown silent pick up again,
a softer, longer yeaahhhh.

Birds lull low in the dimming light.
A fish smacks one last snack.

I came to cry, but forgot.